Real Estate Lawyers Protecting Your Largest Investment

When you buy a residential or commercial property, you are taking a risk — sometimes, the largest financial risk you can take as a business or an individual.

Our job is to make sure that your interests are protected as much as possible, that your transaction goes smoothly, and that your purchase or sale holds no surprises. If any irregularities show up in your property or documentation, our job is to find them and help you decide what to do about them.

At Henderson Law Group LLP, our lawyers handle the legal aspects of your purchase or sale, dealing with complications behind the scenes wherever possible. That way, you can concentrate on the other aspects of moving your family or business or settling an estate.

We deal with all kinds of residential and commercial properties, including:

  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • New construction and subdivisions
  • Office space
  • Retail

Our Real Estate Services

Our real estate services are comprehensive, and we represent buyers and sellers in Richmond and throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

Our lawyers will:

  • Look over your contract to explain any of its more confusing aspects
  • Review and perform title searches
  • Handle the legal aspects of your mortgage or refinance, ensuring that you understand your contract
  • Answer all of your questions, including questions about taxes, title insurance and surveys
  • Handle your closing
  • Prepare and review any other documentation needed for your transaction

Contact Henderson Law Group LLP

If you are buying or selling property in Richmond or nearby areas of British Columbia, call us at 604-639-8610 or fill out our online form.