Corporate Reorganization In Richmond And Vancouver

Any successful business will grow and change over time. A business owner's needs will also grow and change.

Even if the structure you chose at the beginning of your venture has helped you to succeed, over time it may no longer be the most efficient possible. Your operation may have changed significantly. You may have acquired or lost partners. You may simply want to decrease expenses, maximize efficiency and flexibility, or plan for tax implications or business succession.

Henderson Law Group LLP's lawyers can talk to you about reorganizing your business to fit your current needs.

Making It Work Again

Our firm can help you with all kinds of business and corporate reorganizations, including amalgamations, estate freezes, windups and rollovers.

We will discuss various aspects of restructuring in British Columbia, including:

  • Changing personnel: A business that grows or shrinks may require different agreements among the participants, and different responsibilities. If necessary, we will negotiate and draft new partnership or shareholder agreements.
  • Succession planning: If you need to restructure in order to pass your business along to successors, we will discuss the best structure as well as other ways to ensure your business continues without significant tax consequences.
  • Taxes: Different business structures may have different tax consequences, and we will help you understand those differences. Some reorganizations can reduce your tax consequences by altering the business structure to a form that is more tax efficient. Tax savings may be obtained for a single transaction or for many years.
  • Business transactions: Your restructure may come about as part of preparing to sell your business. We will discuss any financing needs you may have, as well as how to protect your interests as the transactions proceed.

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