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At Henderson Law Group LLP, we are committed to helping clients plan for their futures and that of their families through efficient, cost-effective and thorough estate planning. We also help families dealing with a loved one's passing, either by guiding them through the estate administration process or by helping them to resolve estate disputes.

Compassion and understanding are a vital part of our services. Our clients are often dealing with difficult, painful family situations and transitions. Whether planning for the future or dealing with the present, our lawyers help reduce the risk of unnecessary financial strain and litigation adding stress at an already difficult time of your life.

British Columbia overhauled its estate laws with the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA). This has made an already challenging time somewhat more uncertain, as lawyers, courts and families become accustomed to the new rules.

Navigating The WESA

Our services fall into three broad areas:

  • Estate planning: Most of us do not particularly want to think about our own death or incapacity. Unfortunately, not doing so can leave our families in an unnecessarily difficult situation in the future. We will guide you through making wills and trusts to minimize the likelihood of confusion, family disputes and excessive taxation and estate fees. We will also assist you by preparing powers of attorney and representation agreements to ensure that there is someone who can make important financial and medical decisions for you if you become incapable of doing so yourself during your lifetime.
  • Estate administration: If you are like most people named as executor of a will, this is an unfamiliar role for you. Our lawyers can guide you through the process to ensure that your duties are carried out thoroughly and efficiently, advising you on how to minimize the risks of disputes with the beneficiaries. If your loved one has passed away without a will, there will likely be even more confusion and insecurity, as you will need guidance applying for a Grant of Administration before even beginning the process.
  • Estate litigation: A death or incapacity in a family is usually a time of emotional upheaval and financial stress. It is not surprising that misunderstandings and long-standing conflicts often erupt into destructive legal disputes. We can help you find solutions.

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