Administering An Estate With Or Without A Will In British Columbia

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful events in anybody's life.

Losing a loved one and then having to carry out his or her final wishes — or determining what to do when there is no will — add stress and confusion to an already difficult time.

At Henderson Law Group LLP, we want to help you through this. With or without a will, we want you and your family to be able to settle your loved one's affairs in a way that is simple, straightforward and efficient, and minimizes the chances of disputes or financial loss to those left behind.

With A Will

Most executors are not experienced. They are merely the most trusted among the family, friends and acquaintances of the deceased, chosen during estate planning. Our lawyers can help you understand your role, and carry out your estate administration duties thoroughly.

We will help you:

  • Make the application for probate
  • Locate all of the assets and evaluate them, including assets located outside of British Columbia
  • Give notice to all of the beneficiaries, including those outside of the province
  • Advertise for creditors and pay off debts
  • Make any necessary tax-based decisions about the estate
  • Distribute assets, including assets to be distributed to beneficiaries outside of the country
  • Keep records of all actions taken

Without A Will

If your loved one has not left behind a will, the situation is somewhat more complex but not insurmountable. Our lawyers will help you:

  • Decide who should apply to court for permission to administer the estate (called a grant of administration)
  • Prepare your application to minimize the chance of delays
  • Ensure that notice of your application is given to all necessary individuals
  • Gather information on estate assets
  • Submit an affidavit of estate assets and liabilities
  • Understand the parts of British Columbia's Wills, Estates and Succession Act that determine how an estate should be distributed when there is no will
  • Carry out all duties, many of which are similar to those required when there is a will
  • Avoid disputes among the beneficiaries

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