Protecting Your Family And Your Rights During Estate Disputes

At Henderson Law Group LLP, we act for both plaintiffs and defendants, defending and challenging wills and executors' actions.

Often, one of the most important roles we play has to do with education about the law in British Columbia in relation to estates. Many of our clients are unaware of their own rights and responsibilities, as beneficiaries or executors. We answer their questions, explain how the law applies to their situation and help them explore their options and decide on a course of action.

Estate disputes are often complicated by family dynamics. These may include long-standing disputes as well as problems that have only become critical because of the grief and financial insecurity that naturally follows a death in the family.

Don't Litigate Away The Estate

When you come in, our lawyers will discuss a number of topics with you, including:

  • Negotiation, mediation and litigation: While we are always prepared to go to trial, often estate disputes are better dealt with outside of a courtroom. Solutions may be faster, less expensive and more likely to preserve family relationships.
  • Validity of the will: There are many factors that may invalidate a will, including lack of capacity of the will-maker and undue influence. If necessary, we can discuss challenging or defending the will.
  • Dependant's relief: Certain members of the family may have been left out of the will, or may have not been provided for adequately in the estate plan. We can help determine what adequate provision should be and what should be done about the situation.
  • Administration: If the dispute is about how an executor is carrying out his or her duties, we can help determine what should be done, either to defend or challenge the executor.

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