Protecting Your Family And Your Assets With Estate Planning

Estate planning does not just involve writing a will and giving away your assets. Your estate plan is meant to protect your family as much as possible from confusion and financial loss after you are no longer with them. It should also protect your family, and you, in case of incapacity.

When you come to Henderson Law Group LLP, we will discuss your personal and family situation in detail in order to understand your priorities and needs. Our questions will include:

  • What are your assets? What are your debts?
  • Who are your intended beneficiaries and to whom do you have a legal obligation to provide?
  • Whom do you trust to carry out estate administration on your behalf?
  • Whom would you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you were unable to make them, or to make your wishes understood?
  • Are there any potential conflicts in your family?

Particularly in situations when there are long-standing conflicts, or in some blended families, it's important to make sure that your estate plans do not set the stage for destructive, painful disputes or confusion just when your family is least able to withstand them.

Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family

Our lawyers will guide you through several aspects of estate planning such as:

  • Drafting a will: Your will must be clear enough to avoid confusion and disputes. It must also name an executor whom you trust to carry out your wishes. Your will should also be flexible enough to deal with any foreseeable changes between the time of writing and when it is needed.
  • Powers of attorney and representation agreements: You should pick somebody who will be your voice if you cannot make your own decisions about health or finances. You can also make certain decisions ahead of time such as what kind of medical intervention you will or will not accept.
  • Minimizing taxes, fees and other complications: We will talk about how to avoid excessive taxes and fees on your estate. We will also talk about how to minimize the likelihood of your beneficiaries fighting among themselves after you are gone, and whether you should be using trusts or other estate planning instruments.
  • Business succession: If your assets include business holdings, we will make sure that your plans include who will take over your business, so that your legacy is not lost.

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